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Did you know that 130 million girls around the world are missing from classrooms? Did you know girls are twice as likely as boys to never set foot in a classroom? Girl Rising believes all children should be taught gender equality from an early age. Our shared values have inspired us to partner together in support of gender equality and girl’s education.

We at 7AM are driven by the belief that the future health, peace and prosperity of our world depends on how we invest in and educate girls today. We are proud to work with Girl Rising to encourage mothers to raise their children – boy or girl – as feminists. With your help, together, we will lesson this inequality gap.

Girl Rising Mission

Girl Rising envisions a world in which every girl is equipped with the skills, knowledge, and support to be a full and equal participant in society. Their mission is to use the power of stories to inspire girls to go to and stay in school, to create a different future for themselves and to galvanize communities to break down the barriers holding girls back.They create engaging media, design empowering curriculum, build local and international partnerships and execute mass media campaigns to catalyze action for investment in girls and fuel the global movement for girls’ equality. From villages in India to United States’ cities, direct results of their programs include families enrolling their daughters in school, girls advocating for themselves, parents deciding against arranged marriages, teachers changing their methods to better support girls, and boys joining clubs to help end gender discrimination.

A few important statistics:

girls around the world
are missing from classrooms

girls are twice as likely as boys
to never set foot in a classroom

some countries lose more than $1 billion a year by failing to educate girls to the same level as boys

a girl with one extra year of
education can earn 10-20% more
as an adult

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